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A day in the European Parliament and surrounding area. This dance film is inspired by the work and lifestyle of the Eurocrats in Brussel’s EU district and features five dancers. The characters dance, run and glide through the empty spaces in an atmosphere beyond time, decontextualized, in an architectural non-site.


Miguel Angel Gutierrez, Zhoeir Saidi

Lia Chamilothori, Sergio Mendes, Flora Gaudin, Ana Cembrero, Marion Rhéty

Director | Ana Cembrero & Jorge Piquer
Choreography | Ana Cembrero Coca
Cinematography | Jorge Piquer Rodriguez
Gaffer | Virginie Gourmel
Grip | Matyas Ludik
Assistant Camera | Alberto Fernandez
Location Assistant | Eva Campos Suárez
Editing | Ana Cembrero Coca
Original Music | Richard Comte & Jorge Piquer with Nil Ramos and Hippie Diktat

Sound Design & Audio
Mixing/Mastering | Jochen Jezussek
Sound Engineer | Alberto Fernández
Color Grading | Jorge Piquer Rodriguez
Compositing Artist | Eric Parys
Photographer | Iannis Pallas
Graphic Design | Maria Gisbert Gil
Editing Advisor | Marcin Malaszczak
Green Key Studio | Toast Agency
Post-production coordinator | Michel Balagué

Diffusion | Eva Campos Suárez

Produced by
la ignorancia

Co-produced by

Supported by

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[Download the dosier (Spanish)]