Ana Cembrero Coca

Dancer – Choreographer – Pedagogue – Filmmaker
shooting dancefilm ”Lost Archive” photo by Thibault Gregoire

Shooting dancefilm ”Lost Archive”.  Photo by Thibault Gregoire

Ana has a University degree in Fine Arts from the Facultad de San Carlos de Valencia (Spain) and from L’École Nationale Supérieure des arts visuels La Cambre, Brussels (Belgium), with a specialty in cinema and audiovisual arts. Since her childhood she was taught classical dance at the Royal Academy of Dance (London) and she got a Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies. She danced with the Spanish choreographer Juana Castellblanque for seven years and she continued her professional dance training with varioust european choreographers and companies. She worked for the Brussels based dance company T.r.a.n.s.i.t.s.c.a.p.e as a dancer/performer in the pieces Chambre(s) d’Hotel, Insert Coin and XL Pleasures.

Since 2008, together with Jorge Piquer, she has led the artistic collective La ignorancia for dance, music and audiovisuals. Her dancefilms have been exhibited and awarded in various international film and art festival such as the FIFA. International festival of film on Art, Montreal (Canada). Her first dance film Cinética, was the first Spanish film to win the first prize at 38th Dance on Camera Festival in New York and the 4th International Jumping Frames Dance Video Festival in Hong Kong, among five more international awards.

She currently lives and works in Brussels where she teaches dance at several international schools, she took part in the choreographic research laboratory “20 Young Choreographers for Brussels” and she continues developing her own artistic work as a choreographer and filmmaker.
Ana is an official member of
the International Dance Council of UNESCO.

Astero Styliani Lamprinou

Dancer – Performer
danceperformance ”Europe Endless” photo by Mathilde Troussard

Danceperformance ”Europe Endless”. Photo by Mathilde Troussard

Astero landed in Brussels in 2004. She has been performing and assisting David Hernandez’s installation projects in 2004-2005. She has also followed David’s class as a guest artist at P.A.R.T.S school. She has briefly worked with Brussels’ based artists Joanne Leighton and Julie Bougard. She worked with the repertory company Dance Theatre of Ireland in “Simoulacra Stories”, “As a matter of Fact” and “Watermark”. She has participated at the first series of Geneva Sessions of G.Jobin where she showed her solo “Strings” (2007). She also choreographed and performed alongside Ana Cembrero the site specific duet ‘’RINGS’’ (2008) on a rhythmical composition by Jorge Piquer at The Nepomuk Festival in an old building of central Brussels. In London she has performed in works for the stage, site specific, video dance and still movement. She has worked with Peter Hall for “Bacchai” at the Olivier National Theatre and with Yolande Snaith for “Manon Lescaut” at the English National Opera. She has participated in Simon Whiteheads “Locator” project in Pembroke forest in Whales, UK.

Astero has trained at the National School of Dance, Greece (Athens), at the Laban Center London (BA Hons), at the London Contemporary Dance School and at Surrey University (Masters in Dance Analysis and Criticism) with choreography tutor Emilyn Claid. She has studied the work of W. Forsythe and T. Brown in relation to multi-directional movement, architecture and philosophy. Astero participated in Ana’s final year project at La Cambre. Since then they kept working for each other in various occasions.

Jorge Piquer Rodríguez

Director of phorography – Filmmaker –Musician
photo by Mathilde Troussard

Photo by Mathilde Troussard

Jorge graduated from the Audiovisual Media department at the San Carlos Fine Arts Polytechnic University of Valencia. He lives in Brussels where he develops himself as an artist, gaining experience in the film industry as a director of photography, cameraman, colourist and DIT.

In 2005 he received his first prize at the 6th International Festival of Experimental Art and Performance (St-Petersburg, Russia, 2006) for his first collaboration with director/choreographer Ana Cembrero: “Caja de Tiempos”, a video loop installation made in stop-motion. Together they formed the collective La ignorancia, which produced its first half-length dance film Cinética in 2008, which won more than seven awards including the Dance Film Association’s Jury Prize at the 38th Dance On Camera Festival in New York, and the International Dance Video Award at the 4th Jumping Frames International Dance Video Festival in Hong Kong. Recently he won awards as best director of photography, best short film and best soundtrack for his short film “La Peur” (co-directed with Ana Cembrero) at the 5th short film festival Cortocomenius in Valencia, Spain in 2011.

He is currently working as a freelance cameraman/ DOP for advertising agencies and audiovisual production companies in Belgium and Spain. He worked as a Colorist on several feature films such as “Berlin Telegram” by Leila Albayati, Sieniawka by Marcin Malaszcak and “My Love Awaits Me by the Sea” by Mais Darwazah.

Mireia Vila Soriano

Set Designer

Mireia Vila Soriano

Originary from Valencia, Mireia is an interdisciplinary artist and set designer based in Berlin.

She works in Theatre, Dance, Cinema, Installation and Photography. Her aesthetics have always a poetical component, she manages to find, in a very intuitive way, the beauty in the imperfection of materials. And she achieves this goal with a stunning sensitivity. She usually sets her work in a social-historical context, and quite often, she gets the audience involved, as an active element of interpretation. She has worked in film productions like “Team Work” and she also participated in Philip Grüning film productions. She worked for the independent film “Die Frau des Polizisten” who won the jury reward in Venice Film Festival 2013. She has also worked in Theatres like Landesbühne Sachsen Theaterhaus, Radebeul or Theatre Trier. Her last works as costume and set designer are the dance-performance “…bis man den Menschen trifft” in Bauhaus, Dessau, the Opera “Das schlauer Füchselein” in HfM. Berlin and the dance-performance “Mein Fell”, Ufer Studio. Berlin.

She has a Superior Degree in Arts by the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (Spain), a complementary Degree in Photography by Solent University (UK) and a Master Degree in Set design by Technische Universität, Berlin (Germany).


Eva Campos Suárez

Image and set design assistant

Photo by Eva Campos Suárez

After four years of studying Fine-Arts at the University of Barcelona (2009-2013) Eva discovered her passion for screen-dance and video editing.

She decided to travel, get international experience and make friends. She stopped in Brussels where she stays now. She started working as a photographer for artistic performances and sometimes as a cameraman, but also directing some short dance films.

She met Ana Cembrero and she started to collaborate in different audiovisual projects for La Ignorancia collective but also with other dancers and developing her own projects. She is currently working as a freelance audiovisual and illustrator artist and she continues collaborating with artists, associations, companies and NGOs.